melissa + hiten’s wedding | the great house | barbados

Another month, another island.  Trying to convince someone that island hopping to photograph a wedding and hang with cool people is actual work is tough.

Melissa and Hiten had me travel down to Barbados to photograph their wedding at The Great House in St. Peters this weekend, which was full of beautiful and touching moments that really showed how close their family and friends were.  Everything had a personal touch, coming from the DIY approach they took from the event from fresh flowers from a local garden to stones that represented their merging families and cultures.  Everything had a story, meaning, and purpose.  Beautiful.

I can never say it enough how lucky I am to be able to be able to share these moments with strangers turned friends.

Congrats Melissa and Hiten – and thank you again for letting me be just a small part of your day.

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  1. Hiten & Melissa Says:

    Thanks so much for capturing so many great moments, from Melissa caressing Graham’s chin to my presenting her with her wedding band. Every shot reminds us of how blessed we are to have found each other and how happy we are to be starting our married lives.
    Can’t wait to see the remaining images, and once again, thank you.

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