eleven weddings photography in SRQ Mag

Spent some time behind the camera for a SRQ Magazine article on wedding photographers that is on newsstands now (the April Best of issue).  I’m the young, sexy lad on the far left with the tats.

I’m always awkward at best on the other side of the camera, but it was fun to hang with the talented local competition.  If you want to know what my pull-quote was, here you go:

“Photographers by nature see the best and worst of people.  I had a bride say to me the other day that I got to see her in the highest highs and lowest lows of her wedding day, and she never even noticed my camera clicking.  That was the best to hear because I was able to get my photos and let her just be who she was.”

If you can’t hire me (but you should), go with one of the other guys and gals – all really amazing, talented folk.  Go with me first, though.  Ha.

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  1. Rich-Joseph Facun Says:

    Sexy beast!

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