r+m’s wedding (part one) | south florida museum | bradenton, fl

For someone that is addicted to color red, Reshma and Mark’s wedding was about as close to falling off the wagon as I get.

Red and gold everywhere.  I mean everywhere.

I worked with the bride and groom for two days of their wedding, which was pretty much an explosion of eye candy.  So amazingly beautiful.  This is only part one.  Saturday night was a traditional ceremony held at the South Florida Museum, and their second night was a complete and total 180 degree turn with a very American, white dress reception.  Needless to say I had a hard time editing the two together for one coherent blog post.  So you get a special treat of two posts.

Doesn’t really get much more visual and I’m blessed to have their trust – although, I hate to say it, but it was really like shooting fish-in-a-barrel.  Gorgeous bride and groom, welcoming family, oversaturated goodness, jewels, flower and pedal explosions everywhere, fire…

…and, yes, that is a real manatee.  The bridal suite is surrounded by an aquarium where Snooty (the world’s longest-living manatee in captivity) lives.

I should have paid them.

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  1. Michael Connor Says:

    That second picture is gorgeous!

  2. Eleven Weddings » Blog Archive » reshma and mark’s wedding (part 2) | tampa, fl Says:

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  3. Katie Says:

    Ridiculously, insanely beautiful! I can’t get over the amazing colors and details!

  4. chiplith Says:

    Thanks, Katie!

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